The coaching offered by Feedback is a personalized accompaniment to schooling for children and adolescents. All students can be successful!

Our goal is to help children and adolescents to gain self-confidence and overcome obstacles, to become autonomous in their learning, and to avoid school failure.

We provide them with all the support and resources they may lack and need to succeed.

Orientation Coaching

  • Become aware of one's tastes and possibilities

  • Discover and set up his study project, his professional project

  • Realize his action plan

Individual coaching

  • Learn to learn

  • Organization and working method

  • Time and priority management

  • Stress management, anxiety

  • Managing emotions

Project Management Workshop

  • Project definition

  • Planning the steps to follow

  • Production

  • Supervision and follow-up

  • Close a projet properly

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How is coaching going?

Depending on the demand and the need, it may be proposed to work in a targeted manner, and 5 or 6 individual sessions will be sufficient to improve the situation. For other students, long-term support is needed.

Coaching begins with an adequate and benevolent questioning on the school path, the way of learning, and identifies the environment, the successes, the failures, the wishes, the strategies, the options.

Proposals for work methodology, organization, time management, stress, are then considered, implemented and validated by a follow-up organized over several weeks.