"All entertainment is education in some way, many times more effective than schools because of the appeal to the emotions rather than to the intellect."

Hortense Powdermaker

Welcome !

The ASBL Feedback was created to meet the needs of children. Every day, we experiment with new things, we try, we fail, and hopefully we continue. Children are the most concerned. With age, you learn how to handle these situations, but how do you go about it? Where to start ? How to learn from one's successes and failures?

Feedback revolves around these issues across different areas of activity.

Our activities

Learn how to organize your work and your time, manage difficult situations, misunderstanding, stress, ... the reasons are numerous, from a transient question to more pronounced learning difficulties.

The goal is to help students overcome the obstacles encountered and to avoid dropping out of school.

Teaching computeur programming to a child help to develop his logic, his imagination and his sense of organization. There is nothing better than learning while creating games and having fun.

With Scratch, the idea of being able to create and program their own games enchants children, they love it!



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Developer - Teacher


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